Have you ever been suddenly alone, when a moment before you were  surroundered by people, in a place you shouldn't have been, be it a clearing in the forest, a long forgotten road, a shop in the part of city you do not recognize or a room you swear do not belong to your house? Have you ever felt like if you were only to step ahead you would discover things that should be hidden? Have you ever heard voices that do not sound like human?
Because if you were to make that step, following the voices, going deeper and deeper, even if you know what this is no longer your house and no longer your city and no longer your forest, deeper, on the verge of panic, you could find a bonfire.
High and old trees enclose it like the pillars of a sacred place devoted to gods no one remembers anymore, and quiet voices sing prayers to those same gods, and while you do not recognize their words you feel their pain and sadness. And, around the bonfire sit creatures, tricky shadows, stealers of the faces and hearts.
They tell stories.